Drone Editing Master Class

'' Probably the most complete course i have found on drone work that  gives you detailed instructions and continued support from 2 industry  professional''


-Michael Gruich                                                                                                                                                            


-Emmanuel Filia

''I learned many editing techniques that i have been able to apply them not only to my aerial shots, but all  types of photography i do. I Highly recommend taking a class with them if you can! 10/10''

-Lauren Mcinnis

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Whats up Drone Nerds!

Jamie and I have gotten a lot of interest and questions about our editing techniques, so we are answering the call and have put together  a jammed pack  4+ hrs  Downloadable class for you with downloadable raw images . We will go over all the settings for your drone to capture the best quality images possible for every scenario. Capturing good RAW data is important but these images are inherently drab and uninteresting. We will teach you how to take that RAW image and create something beautiful. We'll then edit them from start to finish, teaching you the methods below. Our goal is that after this class you will leave excited to apply these techniques to your work, confident in your ability to use them and most all of inspired to create your own signature photographs.    

This Master Class will focus on DJI drones in combination with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The techniques will be applicable to all drones and editing software but we believe you will get the most out of the workshop if you use DJI and Adobe.




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Andy started flying drone 4 short years ago, and quickly became fascinated with its limitless possibilities  and gained international success. He is well known for his color creative palette, creating shocking before and after images. His photography have been published in FORBES, MASTER OF DRONES, SKYPIXEL and DJI just to name a few. He also holds international awards for the Sienna drone awards and DJI Skypixel aerial competitions. But what also makes them  so popular is their  passion for helping others in the industry they label it as (Community over Competition). 

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Jamie has pursued photography for over a decade. Starting as an event photographer for the Harvard University Center for the Environment, he added weddings and landscapes to his repertoire. Three years ago he got his first drone and was immediately enthralled with the possibilities the new photographic tool opened up for him. Since then his photography has been featured by Tamron, and his photos have been on the covers of Drone User and Appalachia Journal.

Caribbean BluesTutorial Before & After

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In this tutorial i will walk you through my entire process of this image.

Topics covered:

- Image capturing techniques.

- In camera filter recommendations.

- How to locally control the water color without affecting subjects.

- Light Room gradients.


-Sharpening for web.

- Export settings.

Valley of Light Tutorial Before & After

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Topics Covered:

- Image capturing technique (AEB)  AUTOMATIC EXPOSURE BRACKETING.

- HDR Panorama Merging

- HSL Sliders (Hue, Saturation, Luminance)

- Local and global adjustements 

- Light Room Gradients ( Radial & Gradual)

- Sharpening for Web

- Export Settings

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Course Outline Material :

- 4 Processing Videos with all of the topics mentioned above, raw files included.

- 4 DJI GO APP walk through videos covering:

* Camera Settings: iso, shutter speed, aperture.

* Image Capturing Techniques; Single Shot,  AEB bracketing, panoramas,  Burst mode.

* White Balance

* Settings for 4k video and nd filters

* Frequency interference (Group Flying)* Obstacle avoidance systems

-Drone recommendation List, ND Filter Brand recommendation and 3rd party apps for better planning

Things you will need:

*Laptop/ charger.

*Drone / remote control and phone or tablet. we may need to cover some functions in app.

* Light Room Classic  NOT THE CLOUD VERSION and Photoshop cc

( There is a free 30 day trial of light room on adobes website) or you can buy the creative suite for $19.99/month includes updates.


Andy Leclerc (18606903084)

Jamie Malcolm Brown (14133629996)


what people are saying about us

  • Michael Gruich

    on May 19, 2020

    Probably the most complete course I have found on drone work that gives you detailed instruction before, during and after the shot. Really enjoyed the insight from industry professionals who are extremely talented and took the time to put this together and share with the rest of us. The course was a great value and added another level to my work that I will enjoy for quite a while. The week after going through this course I shot some work as a favor for my boss who was having a new drive put in on the office property. Later that same day I was taken to the hospital , confused and with memory loss. Soon after found a golfball sized brain tumor and tooks it out. While in the hospital my boss checked on me and said the photos where the bese the construction company had seen and wanted to know who did them. Just goes to show how good this class is, even a guy with a brain tumor can learn and apply it ! Tumor was not cancer and I am still smiling over the compliment.

  • Emmanuel Filia

    on March 28, 2020

    I've done a few classes to better my craft, came across Andy and Jamie's work on a FB page and a link to their classes. Was great value so thought check it out, had a good option that if you aren't able to attend, they will send the tutorials, plus continual support. So I thought cool I'll do it. From the get go, each tutorial I learnt something new straight away. The breakdown of each video is extremely easy to understand. Thought I knew everything about the dji go4 app, learnt even more about other features which help me with action shots. The photo tutorials are awesome, learnt different ways of editing and again easy to understand, definitely incorporating what I learnt in my photos today and making them popeven more! Plus can always go back a rewatch and pick up even more tips. I did have some questions after watching them, messaged Andy and got straight back to me in no time and has continued. I'm stoked!!! Everything that was promised was delivered. I highly recommend!!! A must do!!!

  • Kurt Brownell

    on February 18, 2020

    I've had a drone for a little over a year, and to be honest, while I am excited with the creative possibilities, it can be overwhelming trying to tie all the pieces together. Jamie and Andy have created a great workshop that covers best practices and anecdotal advice on gathering the initial images, and then culminates in an inspiring tutorial on how to use creative editing techniques to realize your vision. I am an advertising photographer who uses Lightroom and Photoshop on a daily basis, but if there's one thing I've learned, it's that there is always more to learn. So you might as well learn it from two guys who can not only help you add some new techniques to your arsenal, but can also save you time by helping you avoid a couple technical and workflow mistakes as well. Well worth the registration cost!

  • Greta Castonguay

    on January 21, 2020

    I completed the "Drone Creative Editing Workshop" with Andy and Jamie about a year after buying my drone and am so glad I did! Both of them are incredibly knowledgable about shooting and editing, but more importantly, they are great mentors. I feel so much more confident in my ability to obtain high-quality content after learning about manual panoramas, camera and flight settings, and so much more. As a novice photographer with no experience in post-processing, this workshop was invaluable and opened the door to a whole new level of creativity, I am so excited to be able to utilize my aerial shots to their full potential and highly recommend their workshops if you have the chance.

  • Michael Gruich

    on January 21, 2020

    This workshop gave a whole new life to my drone. both in the air and in the edits on the ground. My photos looked great, the clients loved them, but I felt that there was a lot more I could do with my work. Have been a fan of Andy's for a while, his work has always been inspiring, when the workshop opened I knew it would not let me down. My very first flight applying the information learned in this workshop produced amazing results, and added a tremendous level pf production value to my work. If you want to get the most out of your drone not matter what level you are at and how advanced your drone is, this workshop is for you, taught by a person with experience and results. Looking forward to more workshops in the future.

  • Lauren McInnis

    on January 5, 2020

    I took a drone workshop with Andy and Jamie a few months ago and it was a great experience! Prior to the workshop I wasn’t using my drone much because I didn’t feel confident or knowledgeable when flying it. My photos were coming out very mediocre and I was always nervous and overwhelmed by the endless controls and settings.

    After taking the workshop I was far more comfortable flying, adjusting settings, setting up shots, and using a features such as panorama and point of interest. The quality of my photos has greatly increased since this workshop.

    I also learned many editing techniques that I have been able to apply to all astrophotography, macro photography, portraits, etc, not just drone shots.

    Overall, Andy and Jamie are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic and friendly. If you have a chance to participate in a workshop with them, I highly recommend it! 10/10 👌🏻