Private Coaching


Hello, and thank you for your interest in my one-on-one sessions .This page is completely dedicated to YOU!, I have spent the last four years developing my skills and learning all different kinds of image capturing/post processing techniques. With the ever growing popularity of drone photography, I'd love nothing more than to put you on the fast track to success, understanding your thought process  and most importantly having fun and flying safely.     

So you've  purchased your first drone or have one already but are confused and/or overwhelmed with it all. Camera settings? Image formats? Video settings? The list never ends. Developing your own creative style/license can be a daunting task, but believe me, that's the fun part! You get to be your own artist and understand what all the tools are in ADOBE Light Room/ Photoshop  and what you can achieve.

Understanding the Power of DNG RAW VS JPEG is only one of the steps on how to capture good data. The ''Light Triangle'' will help you understand how to properly expose your photograph to get results possible

Horizontal or Vertical Panoramas are a great way to introduce more pixels and quality to your photos, bracketing multiple exposures will also increase dynamic  range and detail.        


Call and schedule an appointment, remember knowledge is power.


Cheers, Andy Leclerc.