Welcome to my tutorial section, where you can find videos that suit your specific interest. All these are downloadable videos with files with step by step instructions, so you can learn at your own pace and follow along.

Flat Lighting Tutorial

Dealing with unideal conditions is something we photographers face more often than we would like. In this tutorial, I will walk you through my creative process and how I previsualize a scene. You will also learn all the techniques mentioned  bellow, as I  provided you with my raw file.             

Covered topics


How to previsualize a scene.

- Using (AEB) automatic exposure bracketing for better shadow and highlight recovery.

- Global and local adjustments in Light Room classic.

- HSL sliders.

- How to remove  unwanted objects in PS.

- How to use blend modes and the brush tool to add light  spill effect.

-How to web sharpen your images.

- Export settings.


My  aerial water shots have gained lots of popularity, people are so interested as to  how I  can  turn virtually any kind of water to look like the Caribbean. From image capturing techniques to filter recommendations i will go into great detail so you can achieve the best photo possible. So I  am really excited to share with you guys my editing techniques I  have learned along the way of my journey and speed up your learning curve.        


Covered Topics

- Image capturing techniques.

- In camera filter recommendations.

- How to locally control the water color without affecting subjects.   

- Light Room gradients.


-Sharpening for web.

- Export settings.